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Having trouble going to sleep or staying asleep? Conscious Napping for sleep can help you sleep quickly, deeply, and through the night.

Manejo del Estrés Curso

Estrés: lo Bueno, lo Malo y lo Feo. El estrés es la causa principal del 90% de todas las visitas al doctor y al hospital, costando billones de dólares al año. Y el costo para su cuerpo es aún más grande – síntomas físicos y mentales que causan daños reales.

Stress Management Course

Stress: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Stress is the underlying cause for 90% of all doctor and hospital visits, costing billions of dollars each year. And the cost to your body is even greater - mental and physical symptoms that cause real damage.

Stop Chewing Course

Perhaps you’ve tried to quit your tobacco problem many times and had little lasting success. Using Conscious Napping to quit chewing can help you quickly pass through the chemical and emotional withdrawal stages and never look back. Chewing tobacco leaves you vulnerable to a wide variety of serious diseases. Isn’t it time you kicked the habit?