Conscious Napping would like to credit and thank those unknown whose stories and metaphors are so widely circulated that no one knows from where they first originated, and to the following sources that were directly, indirectly, or inspirational in the development of these recordings:

Dr. David Spiegel
Dr. Mark Jensen
Dr. Adriaan Louw
Dr. John Sarno
Dr. Michael Yapko
Dr. Harold Crasilneck
Dr. Milton Erickson
Dr. Norman Doidge
Dr. Dabney Ewin
Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD
G. Fredric Mau, PhD
Michel Merzenich, PhD
Candace Pert, PhD
Bruce Lipton, PhD
Judith Acosta, PhD
David R. Hamilton, PhD
Ron Eslinger, CRNA
Dave Elman
Charles Tebbetts
Laura King
Linda Schutz
Melissa Tiers
Gerald Kein
Devin Hastings
C. Roy Hunter
Dave Parke
Calvin Banyan
Jason Linnet
Richard K. Nongard