Why should your organization offer Conscious Napping as a patient benefit?

Conscious Napping complements your treatment plans for patients by addressing underlying conditions that keep them from living a full and healthy life. From post-op recovery, to ongoing therapy, and the management of pain and chronic conditions, Conscious Napping is an important tool to help you

Reduce readmissions and relapse

Reduce readmissions
and relapse

Provide better clinical outcomes

Provide better clinical outcomes

Increase patient satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction


Improve quality of life

How it Works

A convenient, bilingual and private online resource, patients access these programs through a portal branded for your organization. Each program consists of a series of modules that guide patients to reach specific goals, and you receive results and feedback to measure their success and satisfaction.

  • Patients log in to access courses for pain management, stress, sleep, weight and tobacco use. There are also more than 50 modules in the areas of financial, physical and emotional/mental wellbeing that empower your patients to take control of they health and quality of life

  • Various reports can be generated to monitor enrollment in the programs and analyze data

  • Patients are provided surveys for each program so you can track metrics of their success and gain important feedback about the program

  • Your branded site allows you to craft specific messages to welcome your patients

Help your patients awaken their full potential.

Experience a greater return on your patients’ well-being by awakening their potential!
Help them be happier, more engaged in their own health, and improve their outlook on life with Conscious Napping.

Find out how you can offer these important, life changing benefits to your patients. Ask about how we can create what your patients need to complement your treatment programs.