Why should your organization offer Conscious Napping as a patient benefit?

You want to empower your patients on a variety of issues that treat the whole person. Many factors contribute to the overall health of your patients, and they don’t often involve the specific reason for the appointment. And more than likely, you won’t have the time to appropriately discuss and address these important issues (or underlying conditions, or risk factors).

We all experience personal challenges that feel overwhelming and affect us physically and emotionally. Research shows that changing what a patient feels and thinks can change their perspective about their health. 

Here is where Conscious Napping can help. As a supplement to your treatment plans, Conscious Napping can help you treat the whole person and help your patients tackle stubborn issues that negatively affect their health and wellbeing. With 6 Core Courses and more than 65 topics in three areas of Wellbeing, these guided visualization modules help create a different perspective on a wide range of important issues. Conscious Napping is an important tool to help you focus on treating the whole patient.

Reduce readmissions and relapse

Reduce readmissions
and relapse

Provide better clinical outcomes

Provide better clinical outcomes

Increase patient satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction


Improve quality of life

Recover Well
by Conscious Napping®

The regulation of opioids has left doctors without a lot of options to help a patient manage their comfort levels, so alternatives are needed. This is why we designed Recover Well. Recover Well is a 28 day non-pharmacologic intervention for surgical recovery that is based on research that shows that mindfulness, self-awareness and self-empowerment can have positive effects on pain management, sleep and anxiety. Recover Well is designed to focus on these three areas.

Recover Well can start with pre-surgical preparation, or simply pick up post surgical. Over the 28 days after surgery, patients are guided from an acute stage through their recovery and entry into a normal, productive life.

For more information and a demonstration of the Recover Well product, email admin@ConsciousNapping.com

Help your patients awaken their full potential.

Experience a greater return on your patients’ well-being by awakening their potential!
Provide the tools to empower them to be happier and more engaged in their own health outcomes, and improve their outlook on life with Conscious Napping.

Find out how you can offer the important, life changing benefits of Conscious Napping® and Recover Well to your patients. Ask about how we can create what your patients need to complement your treatment programs.