Your Conscious Napping® Affiliate Agreement

As a Conscious Napping® Affiliate, I (the AFFILIATE) agree to the following terms:
1. AFFILIATE can offer Conscious Napping only at the price indicated below and to receive the following commissions:

        a. Each user receives Conscious Napping for $99.00, a savings of 33% (this is for the lifetime of Conscious Napping, not a yearly fee).

        b. AFFILIATE earns $25.00 per user.

        c. After 100 users have purchased Conscious Napping® under AFFILIATE’s personal account, AFFILIATE earns $50.00 per user.

2. AFFILIATE receives 20% commissions of any Affiliate commissions who signs up under your AFFILIATE account. AFFILIATE understands the following example of these calculations: AFFILIATEs colleague buys Conscious Napping for $99.00, and AFFILIATE earns $25.00 (or $50, once AFFILIATE has over 100 users); AFFILIATE’s colleague signs up as an Affiliate, and for every user they sell, AFFILIATE earns $5.00 on each of their users (no matter how many users they have).
3. Commissions are calculated on the last day of the month, and mailed on the 10th of each month to the address AFFILIATE has given or to the bank account (when that option becomes available). It is the responsibility of the AFFILIATE to update my information should it change.
4. AFFILIATE can use the Conscious Napping® logos provided and the materials in the 52-week marketing campaign, as provided. AFFILIATE is not allowed to alter or modify them in any way, claim them as belonging to the AFFILIATE, or the Conscious Napping product as the AFFILIATE’s own.
5. Any fraud, misuse, or misrepresentation of the Conscious Napping® brand or product, its content, or pricing by AFFILIATE will be grounds for ending this agreement, and be cause for remuneration of any damages to Conscious Napping or its reputation.
6. I understand that Conscious Napping can add modules, but is under no obligation to do so.
7. If Conscious Napping is purchased by another entity within two years of a user’s purchase, every effort will be made to allow the user to continue with the program for a two-year duration from the date of purchase or to be reimbursed for at least $50 if it has been less than one year since they purchased Conscious Napping®. There is no further obligation to the AFFILIATE or users, other than to provide notice. Upon such notice, AFFILIATE may no longer offer Conscious Napping, and the agreement is terminated at that time.
8. Conscious Napping will provide tech support for all users. They should email 9. Affiliate MUST provide a disclaimer that Conscious Napping does not guarantee results and is to be used as a complement, not a substitute for mental or physical health care.