What is Conscious Napping®?

Learn how Conscious Napping® helps you awaken your potential to identify opportunities and to find the solutions to the things most important to you - Good health, creativity and happiness.


Conscious Napping® for Organizations

Why should my organization offer Conscious Napping® as an employee benefit?

You can:
* Reduce health care costs
* Increase productivity
* Improve employee retention
* Increase employee loyalty


Conscious Napping® for Individuals

Are you ready to solve a specific problematic issue (pain, sleep, stress, weight, smoking), eliminate limiting beliefs and identify improved, positive ways of thinking and have better health? Learn to engage the most powerful part of your mind!

"Raisin" Your Perspective

To fully participate in this 'Raisin' Your Perspective experience, you need 3 minutes of quiet and a raisin (or other piece of dried fruit).

A Conscious Nap can change your perspective of whatever you choose to allow it to change. Using the heightened focus and awareness of the most powerful part of your mind, you can allow yourself to experience anything in a completely different way. Have a raisin in hand and click here to start your raisin experience!


What Conscious Nappers are Saying

Read what Conscious Nappers have to say about these programs.

"These tools keep me focused on my weight goals. I find myself easily satisfied with small amounts of food! "

Janet T.

"I changed my thinking/attitude and am now much happier with not only my weight loss (15 pounds so far, but am feeling so much lighter. "

Maggie G.

"I was at wits ends with my inability to quit smoking. I broke the cycle by breaking down my conscious barrier to see what was at the root of my smoking addiction. I tried everything before this, literally everything. I have now gone 71 days without smoking a cig! I haven’t even craved one. "

Paula H.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am 5 months chew free. "

Steve O.

"I was amazed after listening to the Personal Relaxation audio a couple of times because I was able to get an uninterrupted sleep for the first time. I downloaded the session on my phone so anytime I start having anxiety while at work,I will take a break and start her session in the privacy of my office. It helped me a lot to be able to have a clear mind and relaxed body when I am around people. I would have the session at least twice a day for two weeks and it did not take long for me to ease my anxiety."

Stella I.

"I practice my Conscious Napping everyday for a few minutes and my headaches are completely gone! "

Kay D.

Want a Sneak Peek?

Get a sneak peak of your first step in learning how to Conscious Nap - Just breathe!

Are you rolling your eyes? You instinctively know this, as you have probably told someone who is in distress to "Relax and take a deep breath." Seriously, the efficacy of a proper breath has strong science behind it!

The vagus nerve is the longest and one of the most important nerves in your body. Proper breathing stimulates the vagus nerve at the base of your diaphragm to release calming chemicals. Your body cannot produce stress chemicals at the same time it releases endorphins so this is why proper breathing helps you feel calm and in control.

Each module in the Conscious Napping® programming starts with learning and practicing the 5,4,3,2,1 breathing technique. Get quiet and practice with the recording a few times. Allow yourself to relax as you practice on your own every day without the recording: 5 breaths in a row, five times each day, for 5 weeks. 

In the Conscious Napping® programs you will learn how breathing is one way to improve stress, decrease pain, sleep better, lose weight and stop using tobacco products.

Ready to Get started?

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