Recover Well by Conscious Napping®

Science has demonstrated the efficacy of guided visualization, mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis in pain, stress and sleep management. Multiple studies performed by Mt. Sinai Hospital and various universities like Harvard Medical School and Stanford University, have show patients need less medication, have less anxiety and experience faster recoveries. 

Now your patients can be empowered to play a role in their own recovery. Conscious Napping, is an easy to use tool, that provides content that will improve your patient’s satisfaction and recovery experience. 

In this wellness program patients will receive 3-4 short recordings to listen to each day. Here are just a few of the benefits they will receive:

  • Pain management techniques
  • Relaxation and stress relief tools
  • Recordings for falling asleep, and staying asleep
  • Content for emotional support and confidence building
  • 28 days of content, automatically distributed 
  • A convenient app for their mobile devices
  • Back end reporting to gauge success

They simply download an app, register with a provider code unique to you, then tune in every day to listen. At the end of the 28 day program, they may choose to purchase the entire Conscious Napping® program for their own personal use at a discounted price.